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How To Use 10 Minutes To Take Photos Of Your Kids


Are you trying to take pictures of your kids at home so you never forget this peaceful, snuggly quarantine time? *sly emoji* Oh, definitely, me too.

First off, I’m a huge advocate of enjoying the moment. We’re not about the post-a-photo-or-it-didn’t-happen life, BUT I’m also a huge advocate of taking and printing your photos so that you have them. So your kids have them. So your mom has them. And so you can surround yourself with the moments that take your breath away….(that Hitch quote came out of nowhere).


It took about 10 minutes to run through these ideas with both my iPhone and my camera to show how you can use either one for this exercise (we were working quickly, so you’ll see the cell phone ones aren’t my best haha). Grab your weapon of choice and challenge yourself to connect with your rambunctious kids by grabbing a few photos that’ll not only tickle grandparents and lend you a new screensaver, but will genuinely make you smile big.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.
It doesn’t have to be prolonged.
It doesn’t have to be professional.

Here we go, mama friends of mine – 10 minutes, tops, you can do it!


I’m not above it, y’all. If a Skittle or 1/12th of a cookie will make your child bounce around for a few minutes, hey, why not? Use a special toy, baking time with mom, popsicle, ice cube races, movie night…anything to light up their life a little.

“If you can tickle daddy without him catching you…you’ll win a chocolate chip!”
“Can you come help me show Harper how to play in the pool before we have snack?”⁣
“Hold the puppy still and catch this mini marshmallow in your mouth!”
“Want to get your pajamas on and make s’mores?”


Get them in a space they aren’t normally in or doing something they’re not normally allowed to do. Any action or exhilaration feeling that pumps up their adrenaline a little will get real, genuine smiles while they’re not thinking about it.

“Run upstairs, hide under the bed, and be totally silent so Harper can’t get ya!”⁣
“Toss that flour into the air!”
“Can you sneak out of the closet suuuuuuper slowly, like suuuuuper slow motion!”
“Let’s make our afternoon snack sitting on the dining room table!”
“Can you fit ALL of your stuffed animals under my desk at the same time?”



Music is the best to shake the wiggles out. Find their favorite movie soundtrack or a tune from their favorite show and blast it! Have them dance around, spin, jump on the bed…yes, blur is fine!

“Can you sing ‘’ for me while jumping on your bed?”
“Make up some dance moves to the PJ Masks theme song!”⁣
“Use that sheet as your dress while you sing ‘Into The Unknown’!”
“Can you show me your favorite dance from church / class / daycare?
“Teach bunny a new dance!”

How To Take Photos Of Your Kids at Home Columbus Ohio Photographer4

Use your phone, get the big camera out, or take a video of their reactions and see how it goes (grab their favorite dress, costume, or cape for extra excitement).⁣ Honestly, the grainy, slightly out of focus, blurred iPhone shots are just as loved as the ones taken on my big camera.

Spend 5 minutes or spend 20 minutes – you won’t be sorry. Tag me in your post if you make it happen, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Learn more about cell phone editing tricks over here!

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