I remember not wanting to leap, I remember watching everyone else, I remember the insecurity, confusion, and doubt. It was not a fun place to be.

Here's what I've learned - nothing is wasted. Halfway through my teaching track, I felt pulled in another direction. I assumed switching my major to English was a huge mistake, but I wanted to spend time cultivating a culture in our on-campus ministry, learn my camera by bribing friends for photoshoots, and write for the sake of writing. I never imagined calling myself a photographer, using that English degree to write copy for entrepreneurs, or advising and encouraging the ones brave enough to start a business.

But it all connects somehow. That’s what I dig to find - how does your life connect? Because right there, that's your brand. And I want to help you stand in it with confidence.

I'm ariel, did i mention i'm glad you're here?

oh, hey!

Let's get...


thoughts & feelings

listen, I can't get all the parts of dinner to be ready at the same time, but I'm not cooking for you so, we're good!

I'm much more of a Lorelai/Rory, good movie, comfy couch, yummy food, snuggle under a blanket (Graeter's Toffee Chocolate Chip on my lap) for the night type of girl. So, hey, welcome to this space on the internet, meet the fam!

Jon and I were married in 2014 - he's a Bible teacher, volleyball coach, and working in the admin office while re-upping his ninja certification. Lana is the bunny-obsessed, spunky big sister to Harper who’s balancing our household by loving quiet one-on-one attention. Caspian is loud and loving, totally sweet to the babies since day one.

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