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New baby best friend is on the way and these maternity photos were some of my favorites. The Lutz family has gone through so many seasons together and this one will be so sweet. We headed to Hoover Dam in Westerville (plus hiked to that amazing water spot) for these and despite the frantic FaceTime […]

The Eilerman wedding was sooo beautiful from start to finish, but I’ve never seen an ending quite as magical as this one with the incredible sunset that came out right in the last moments of their sunset photo time. I mean, if you have to skip to the end to see it, I wouldn’t blame […]

I couldn’t be more grateful to have found Columbus Spine & Sport, not only for how much they’ve helped the girls and me with physical issues, but just for the genuine humans and incredible business owners they are. We did a brand session together not too long ago and even though Quinn was a little […]

Ummmmm probably my favorite maternity session to date – what I’ve watched up close and personal between these two is just incredible. ⁣⁣From Dan staying with us when he visited to seeing them become parents the first time to marriage to raising a headstrong kid to ✨this✨ and everything in between – they’ve shown so […]

The third and final Headlee has graduated! Gabe is the third Headlee I’ve been asked to photograph, Abby and Clayton’s sessions were so fun, and being able to meet and photograph each one was really special. We walked around uptown Westerville and ended in some hockey jersey shots. I remember taking a shot of Camille […]

*Cute babe has entered the chat*  I love being invited into homes for sessions like this one – your space, your family, your way. Welcome to the Chickerella family, Clara, you are so loved by your mama, daddy, and big brother, Carson.  Take a look at a few favorites!