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I’m a photographer, copywriter, brand designer, homebody at heart planted in Columbus, Ohio serving kind humans who are confident in their normal. My mugs hold hot chocolate, my weakness is words, my socks never match and I want to be your friend.


Photographing seniors has been more of my favorite thing this year – each incredible human kind, unique, and proud of who they are (most with hidden dance moves). Reagan is sweet and stunning plus a fan of Gilmore Girls and ice cream so you know I want to be her friend. She’s a senior at […]

We won’t talk about the fact it was 85 degrees today, because it looks like fall… .so, it’s fall. I decree it. Calm, cool, and set for his senior year – meeting the PCA class I just missed in my subbing days has been so fun, they’re amazing humans. Charles had all the looks set […]