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Walking around for a family session takes all the pressure off – we’ll walk, talk, laugh, and find different spots to capture you all at your best. The Weidenhamer family was so kind and welcoming, after Graham’s senior photos, it was fun to meet the rest of the crew 🙂 Uptown Westerville with lovely sunshine […]

The Richardson family is gracing the blog today with their sweet kiddos (one of which needed some convincing to stay in the vicinity) and we’ve known them since before Addi was born. Watching friends’ kids grow up with your kids is something that always blows my mind – Lana loves playing with Addi and Harper […]

I didn’t know much about Melissa when we met, but she’s the most incredible human. Not only is she a talented photographer, but I got to watch her with her kids and she’s the sweetest mom, too. I love that a person can be so many things all at once – an artist, a wife, […]

As I was planning a trip home to visit my family, I was mostly looking for an excuse to hang out in the beautiful Schoolhouse space by Erin Camp Photography. Almost a decade ago (what), I used to sit on the floor and play with those cute Camp kids and soak up the sun coming […]

I’ve almost never been so obsessed with a newborn, look at how sweet he is! These sessions are so special – your baby will never be as little or as snuggly as they are those first few weeks. Capturing this season is one of my favorite things. All you’ve gotta do is sit there and […]

I’ve talked about the Broadnax family a whole lot, so hopefully, by now you know the basics – Jon grew up at a camp where Jeff was the director and befriended young Jasmine (whom I’ve now stolen as one of my friends) and young Kyle (a few years later, young Kassidy). Jon actually ended up […]