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Seeing these two grow from their early dating stage to being married and running a creative business together has been amazing. I was privileged to photograph their wedding then a few weeks ago photographed a wedding alongside them filming was amazing. Full circle friends. They came over to talk photography, so I figured why not […]

From meeting the Zochowski Plastic Surgery team, I was obsessed with their energy. They were excited to be together, excited to be representing the office, and excited to be in front of the camera. What more could a photographer ask for? Dr. Zochowski was so reassuring to talk to – calming and welcoming in all […]

If you’ve never met Carey, you’re missing out. She’s a firecracker of a mom, business owner, friend, and artist when it comes to hair, extensions, lashes, and all the things. Plus, she shows and rides horses. Plus a million other things. From our first call I was mildly obsessed with her and quickly became obsessed […]

Lindsey DeCicco is an incredibly talented photographer and filmmaker based in Indiana. She is a beautifully emotive creative who makes the most moving films and emotive photography sessions. I got a little lost scrolling through her work on Instagram and when I met her in person, she was even better. We used different areas of […]

New baby best friend is on the way and these maternity photos were some of my favorites. The Lutz family has gone through so many seasons together and this one will be so sweet. We headed to Hoover Dam in Westerville (plus hiked to that amazing water spot) for these and despite the frantic FaceTime […]

The Eilerman wedding was sooo beautiful from start to finish, but I’ve never seen an ending quite as magical as this one with the incredible sunset that came out right in the last moments of their sunset photo time. I mean, if you have to skip to the end to see it, I wouldn’t blame […]

Meeting the creator of a haircare line is a really an incredible experience. Seeing the branding, packaging, and products made to solve a problem and enhance the lives of not only her family, but the community is impressive and moving. Renee is the wonderfully kind and innovative woman behind Naturelle Grow and we created brand […]