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I’ve almost never been so obsessed with a newborn, look at how sweet he is! These sessions are so special – your baby will never be as little or as snuggly as they are those first few weeks. Capturing this season is one of my favorite things. All you’ve gotta do is sit there and […]

I’ve talked about the Broadnax family a whole lot, so hopefully, by now you know the basics – Jon grew up at a camp where Jeff was the director and befriended young Jasmine (whom I’ve now stolen as one of my friends) and young Kyle (a few years later, young Kassidy). Jon actually ended up […]

I found an old note on my phone from 2010 (thanks for the storage, Apple), and a short scroll later, I was in tears.  Words of affirmation have always been at the top of my love language list (although I’ve realized how much I love presents, too, so it might be a tie) and in […]

Welcome to the Wijnhamer family, Evi. We think you’re just the best thing to come out of 2020. We really love this family – Katie has worked at the school with Jon for years and their little girl, Lizzie, was born a few months after Lana, so they’ve been hanging out together since diapers. Evi […]

Listen, sometimes you’ve just got to get outta dodge. Is that the saying? In college, we’d occasionally play hooky when we needed a mental health day to treck down to Target a town away. We’d weed through students rushing to class, professors who somehow probably knew we were skipping, and annoyed drivers trying to run […]

We won’t harp on the fact I got so excited to see Christian, Carianne, and new baby that I locked my keys, phone, AND camera in the car. An hour later with Panera in our bellies, we finally got to shooting. Christian and I met in college and were part of the same friend group […]