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Boundless Breathwork was founded by Laura Wosiak, Breathworker + Life Coach, and is based in Columbus, Ohio. Working with a breathwork coach was a creative change of pace – we worked through a website restyle and planned a photoshoot to help present her brand in a cohesive way online… she’s the most empathetic and warm […]

Everyone needs an Oh Miss Meghan friend – she brings encouragement and joy wherever she goes. We did a quick photoshoot in her beautiful (too white for my toddler-mom comfort) home for her website launch! The quick session still had some of my favorite shots, she’s a natural in front of the camera and when […]

The Richardson family is gracing the blog today with their sweet kiddos (one of which needed some convincing to stay in the vicinity) and we’ve known them since before Addi was born. Watching friends’ kids grow up with your kids is something that always blows my mind – Lana loves playing with Addi and Harper […]

Need a pick-me-up? Rian is so good at what she does – master esthetician and so easy to talk to. I was able to see her space and get photos of her working and I felt relaxed just being there. These brand sessions have been a favorite of mine, customized to fit what you need […]

Brand sessions are a new favorite! I met Misty and we got to shoot headshots and working shots at the beautiful, natural-light Zurie Co studio in Columbus, Ohio. She is a graphic and surface pattern designer at Heartprints by Misty and her work is amazing! She’s a talented artist among other things and our time […]

I didn’t know much about Melissa when we met, but she’s the most incredible human. Not only is she a talented photographer, but I got to watch her with her kids and she’s the sweetest mom, too. I love that a person can be so many things all at once – an artist, a wife, […]