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3 Ways To Make Money From Home

Let’s talk about money. (money, money, money, money…monayyy!) Anyone else see Sister Act? No? Cool.            There are so many stories being told about money in your life. Whether your family had it, didn’t have it, stewarded it well, was stingy with it, spread it around like manure, or looked at […]

Nothing can rival a fall-y session with the tree colors and the outfits Jenna and Tommy put together. I’m a fan. Jenna and Tommy met at a Bible study in 2017 and after chatting there (as it goes), they figured out they had a lot in common and got to the snuggling-in-the-woods-for-photos level. Congrats, Jenna […]

Cue fun senior shoots – go somewhere you’re comfortable, do something fun, and wear something you like to make the shoot feel more like you. We walked around the Blue Jackets’ stadium and took a walk around where Graham’s dad works to get some great shots of him. Happy senior year, Graham!

My favorite memory of Chelsea might be her sitting behind the daycare desk on her break eating a big box of McDonald’s chicken nuggets while she was pregnant with Kole. I was pregnant with Lana at the time, so I understood. We love this family and love Kole and Lincoln – they’re so sweet together. […]

Listen, here’s the thing…when I see someone on Facebook with the same last name I get wary. I had a very odd maiden name (Puukila) and I used to have random humans friend me for the sake of “hey, we have the same last name…” but, enter Chelsea Kuhn.  Not related, but she and her […]

Clayton is super cool. By cool I mean chill, easy to talk to, great smile, and got out of the session with no tears shed. Win in my book. I met the Headlee family for Abby’s senior photos a few years ago (ice cream, anyone?) and I was excited to meet the next in line. I loved […]