kickin' it with the cool kids who had
nowhere to sit at lunch and started taking
over the world, one lunch table at a time.

A Ten-Year Anniversary for the Ages

They’re gracious, welcoming, spirited and full of stories that will make you feel like you were there, and they are some of our oldest and closest friends. I’m so grateful I get to photograph them as their kids grow and they celebrate year after year of a full and loving marriage.

For their 10-year anniversary, we went to their wedding venue in Victor, New York and to their high school where they met (real life high school sweethearts) and here’s how it turned out!

When I asked for a couple of quick tips on how they do it, they gave me 3 honest, realistic, and proven ways to build and maintain a healthy marriage. Grab their tips here!
Congratulations on 10 years, Mark and Ashley! Here’s to the next decade 🥂

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