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The Brand Sessions: The Lash Loft


If you’ve never met Carey, you’re missing out. She’s a firecracker of a mom, business owner, friend, and artist when it comes to hair, extensions, lashes, and all the things. Plus, she shows and rides horses. Plus a million other things. From our first call I was mildly obsessed with her and quickly became obsessed with her SPACE! Look at that loft. Ugh. I’d move an hour away to hang out there. 

Carey created The Lash Loft of Troy and has since been faithfully and creatively serving her community. She juggles a whole lot, but the way she shows up for her clients is fully present. She shows them the care and attention they deserve with excellence and as a sometimes-pretty-overtired mom, I can’t tell you how much that means when you’re sitting in the chair. 

This brand photoshoot was part of a website project we worked on and it came out JUST amazing. We used a website template from the incredibly talented Squaremuse to speed up the design phase, added custom copywriting, and then we planned and curated her brand photoshoot complete with client models to round out the experience. 

If you’re local to Troy or Beavercreek, Ohio, look her up! 

And if you’re ready for your own rebrand, fresh look, or gallery of social-ready photos, check out the process of working with me and let’s chat!

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