The Brand Sessions: Brittany M.

Listen, sometimes you’ve just got to get outta dodge. Is that the saying? In college, we’d occasionally play hooky when we needed a mental health day to treck down to Target a town away. We’d weed through students rushing to class, professors who somehow probably knew we were skipping, and annoyed drivers trying to run us over. We’d get away for the afternoon and attempt photos somewhere on the way (because all friends were subject to torture back then).

And here we are, 10 (TEN?!) freakin’ years later doing the same thing.

I headed to Pittsburgh for a quick trip to visit the Gunn Family and asked Brittany to meet me. She’s got a knack for finding hotels and the Kimpton Hotel Manaco was filled with all things birds. And quirky furniture. And a magical cheesecake dessert I still think about.

We got to this bridge in the city and did a quick photoshoot before heading to a sports bar for the Bills game. She cried before the game even started and I laughed while I recorded her insane reaction. They won, by the way, in case you were wondering.

Take a scroll through some favorites of this lady who holds the record for most un-fully listened to Marco Polos.

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