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Five Easy Ways To Print Your Photos



I have a hard time remembering to print and frame photos. The frames in our house are mostly from our engagement photos or a mini photoshoot on the side of the road during our dating days (thanks to my sister) – there are a few of Lana as a baby and then it halts. Shame to the photographer in me.

As 2019 kicks off and emptying our space of clutter to fill it with things that bring joy (I’m hearing more the Emily Gilmore voice than the Marie Kondo voice) is set to a priority – I set a challenge to you. Find a way to get photos off of the inter webs and into your hands, I promise it’ll bring all the joy and even a glimmer of pride in your photography skills.

Here are a few easy ways I’ve implemented in the last few weeks -⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

01. Parabo Press has great quality prints – usually selling 25 for freeeeeeeeee (just pay shipping) which is 1000% worth it. They also have cute, simple, and affordable ways to display your images.

02. Order prints from your photographer’s print lab, even if the investment is for one or a few of your favorite images, they’ll live in frames as long as you want them (plus your photographer will do a happy dance). Again – worth it!

03. Grab a Polaroid camera – easy to snap and go as you’re at the Apple orchard, around the Christmas tree, or making cookies (read: making a mess) and it prints right there for ya. Oldschool for the win!

04. Chatbooks is a simple and easy way to have your instagram photos automatically created into books and sent right to your home! I haven’t done it yet, but I know Katelyn James is a big fan and I love the idea for family yearbooks or to keep up with all the Instagram posts about kiddos.

05. For parties, in displays, with clothespins, on cork boards, stuck on the fridge, slid in a wallet, or taped to a mirror – even if it’s at a department store, spare a few cents per print and get a stack. Although I stress the value of a professional print lab to clients, other print options are the reason I give access to download high-resolution images.

There are a million more ways, but these are five I highly recommend just to get moving – they’re simple and they’re easy on the wallet, so print something today and give me a shout you did – I’ll be over here pinning up my prints on the cork wall I’m working on!

Anyone else have good tips for getting photos out into the real world?

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