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The Brand Sessions: Jenny Written, Handletterer


THIS girl 🙌🏼 a mutual friend introduced us through Instagram and I’m so grateful. Meet Jenny of Jenny Written, a handletterer with a heart for the city, but and currently based in Cortland, New York 😏. I reached out to Jenny asking her if she’d be willing to invest in a brand session for her business as she’s just starting out – NOT that you can tell! She agreed and we met for the first time Christmas Eve while I was in town visiting my dad’s side of the family and she was about to head home to Long Island.

So, wah-la! A cozy, comfy, homey feeling brand session in a room that’s both inspiration for meaningful artwork and English homework. Jenny is a genuine, kind, and kickin’ artist. You should be her friend, for real.

The goal was to capture Jenny in her element and elevate the work she creates so that the images can represent her well. Scroll on through to see a peek behind the scenes of how the magic is made and leave her some love!

And if you’re a new small business owner looking to feel at home in your online space, I would love to play a part in the early days of your about-to-be-booming business, let’s chat!

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