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What Is Copywriting?


The term copywriting is being thrown around now more than ever – music to the ears of those who have held the title of Copywriter for years and have spent hours explaining it has nothing to do with the little “c” inside a circle.

So, let’s start there. Ashlyn Carter says it best, “In a nutshell, it’s the art and science of your brand’s voice on purpose. It’s the wording that comes alongside your images with meaningful brand messaging to coach a conversion.”

Images are the attention-grabbers, words are the heart-capturers.

I’m glad the images of my daughters are the most viewed, but what’s more engaging are captions with struggles as a mom, cute things Lana says, or the ways I manage work and family time.

If you excel in your industry, but can’t show off what you do – clients will never be able to find you and the right clients will not want to stick around. Posting can be overwhelming, but for the hungry-for-connection world we’re living in, time to jump on the train.

If you offer a service, explaining how that service can transform my life may be more helpful than a well-styled image. I love following people who present what they do in a cohesive, visually appealing way, but if I’m going to spend money, I want to hear what I’ll see in my life after we work together.

Words are life-giving and heart-capturing, here are five spots you can tighten them up!

  1. Instagram Bio: You only have a few characters, so the words you choose are important. Who are you? What do you do? Who do you serve? What do you love? Where are you based?
  2. Blog: I get it, small business owners are wondering if a blog is still worth the time investment. While they’re not up in the world where they used to be, a blog is where your audience will go to see more in depth work, words, and expertise. If they make it there, they’re the ones who want to connect on a deeper level – I vote yes.
  3. Captions: Whether Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, captions are vital to the success of a post and the path to your ideal clients. Share about your business, personal life, things you’re learning, the mix of what makes you you and they’ll be more likely to genuinely invest in who you are rather than just in what you do.
  4. Email Communication: Honeybook makes this easy for my business, but have a few templates of emails that you’ve written after practicing on a friend – consistent language, detailed without being overwhelming, personality that matches your real life.
  5. Website: Maybe the most important, does your website’s words represent you well? Can you read it out loud without cringing? Do your friends think it feels like you? If not, might be time to rethink how you’re presenting yourself over there.


P.S. if you want a quick audit of your Instagram Profile, Facebook Page, or website – give me a holler!

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