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The Brand Sessions: Lindsey DeCicco Photo & Film


Lindsey DeCicco is an incredibly talented photographer and filmmaker based in Indiana. She is a beautifully emotive creative who makes the most moving films and emotive photography sessions. I got a little lost scrolling through her work on Instagram and when I met her in person, she was even better.

We used different areas of her beautiful home as well as a studio space to encompass the things she loves like listening to vinyl records, cheers-ing her little one in the morning, quiet time, session prep, editing with slight Catboy-like distractions, and printed photos. She decided to do all the things and we are working through her branding, copywriting, and website design – cannot wait until it’s live!

Until then, give her a follow and scroll through a few favorites from her brand session!

Studio: Art House, Peerspace

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