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nowhere to sit at lunch and started taking
over the world, one lunch table at a time.

The Brand Sessions: Holly Haynes, Crush the Rush


I’m so thankful for a mutual creative introducing us, Holly is a force. She’s a beautiful, kind, strongwilled mom of twin girls teaching and empowering women to live the life they were created for. She is a mastermind leader, podcaster, teacher, speaker, and dropped out of the corporate world to pursue her own business. Her energy and wisdom are infectious and I’ve loved getting to know her.

Our first photoshoot at Zurie Studio was so bright and this one was more about meeting with likeminded women, each new side of Holly amazes me. She’s the best. The new round of Crush the Rush planners are out and she’s gearing up for a new round of her mastermind. Grab her planner or give her podcast a listen!

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