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The Brand Sessions: HeARTwork by Kinnen


Listen, here’s the thing…when I see someone on Facebook with the same last name I get wary. I had a very odd maiden name (Puukila) and I used to have random humans friend me for the sake of “hey, we have the same last name…” but, enter Chelsea Kuhn. 

Not related, but she and her husband, Blake have a sweet little girl named Kinnen and live right around here in Ohio…from the first minute we talked, it felt like family. After reading Kinnen’s story and not seeing recent family photos, I asked if I could take a few someday. It might be a little unconventional to invite yourself over to someone’s home to follow them around with a camera, but it just came out and they let it happen 😉 

Chelsea’s artistic and mama heart created something beautiful to help pay for Kinnen’s medical bills – beautiful canvases of paint by Kinnen, cut and shaped into hearts by Chelsea, framed and sent off to grace walls, and shelves. Blake and Chelsea are an incredibly kind, welcoming couple and Kinnen is the sweetest little girl – I loved getting to meet them and see a little of their life. Scroll through and leave ‘em some love!

And if you get the chance, grab some hearts for your home, there’s nothing better.

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