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Surprise Announcement For the Levesque Family


I met Sarah and Miles in college – back in the SUNY Cortland undergrad days. They quickly became graduate students with less time for fun activities but made time for the important things like pickup Ultimate Frisbee and lunch at Neubig.

They were married just a month before Jon and me with Sarah and I both bridesmaids in the other’s wedding. It was so nice during that planning year to be closeby to a friend who understood and would meet up for hot chocolate on rough days. Sarah is the kindest friend with a huge heart for education and teaching middle schoolers. Miles has the best stories and mindset to teach physical education, health, and coach the young’ns as well and it’s easy to see they’ll make the sweetest, most intentional PARENTS.

They came over to my parents’ house on Christmas Eve so we could take a few photos for their announcement. Baby Levesque is on the way and THANK GOODNESS it’s a girl, I can’t wait to meet a tiny, new friend and make sure she knows to paint her daddy’s nails every once in a while.

Plus, this sweet babe will be one of four from that Cortland crew due this summer, so happiness all around!

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