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Sam + Autumn’s Summer Wedding at The Willow Tree


These two. Have you ever seen such sweet faces? They are as kind and compassionate as they are good lookin’ – Jon and I are blessed to call them friends. We met Sam and Autumn at summer camp a few years ago and we got to know them and their sweet love story that began on those very same grounds.

We were so excited to shoot their wedding – I teared up at the speeches, we reminisced about camp days, and saw faces we hadn’t seen in years. Their wedding will be one that stays close to my heart for years to come as I witness this lovely couple head into a marriage full of love, laughter, and genuine connection. Plus, got the cool idea from another photographer friend of having them grab images of each other since they’re both photographers.

Here’s to many more stolen kisses and romantic moments, congratulations to the newlyweds! Scroll through for a few of my favorites from their day.

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