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Some days dinner is ice cream, clean laundry I avoided folding becomes the dog’s new napping spot, and there's one child singing at the top of her lungs while the other is desperately trying to electrocute herself. But there are moments in that chaos when I feel completely myself. It’s the goal I have with every client. Be yourself - feel like yourself - and I’ll make sure we get it on camera. And you might actually have fun.

If I could help you see one thing, it’s this - you weren’t placed here to be “just” anything. You’re not “just” a mom, you’re not “just” a painter, you’re not “just” a counselor. The space you take up is on purpose and for a purpose that’s immense, impactful, and important. We’ll translate all that into visuals you feel well-represented in. Because the world needs more of you, but first, you’ve gotta say yes

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I’m a photographer, brand strategist, new friend, and homebody at heart planted in Columbus, Ohio. My mugs hold hot chocolate, my weakness is words, my socks never match, and I want to be your friend. I’m also long-winded, so you better believe there’s more.

Halfway through my teaching track, I felt pulled in another direction. I assumed switching my major was a huge mistake, but I wanted to spend time cultivating a culture in our on-campus ministry, learn my camera, and write for the sake of writing. I never imagined calling myself a photographer, using that English degree to write copy for entrepreneurs, or encouraging the ones brave enough to start a business. And I'm sure you have a windy road, too.

That whole (what seems like a) mess? That's your story and it should be documented. Let your son wear his letterman jacket, let your kids run wild, let the pup jump up to greet me, let your fiancé ease into the idea of a camera in their face. I'm here for it. 

I'm ariel, and I'm seriously glad you're here.

hey, friend!

seniors, newborns, families, headshots, couples... 

+ 60-90 Minute Session
(1-2 outfit changes, on location)
+ Private Online Gallery
+ High-Resolution Images
+ Delivery in 2 Weeks

*booking in Central Ohio or Central New York w/ no travel costs

Investment: $300

If there’s a spot in your house that's calming or an old street you take walks - let’s go there. We’ll walk, talk, laugh, and let loose for a session that feels normal and full of connection. Despite crazy kids or frazzled nerves - it’ll feel like an afternoon of laughing. Real laughs, not the fake ones.

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"she is so kind, absolutely heartwarming, and she makes you feel comfortable the second you meet her."

"If you’re shy and awkward in front of a camera, Ariel is your person! She gets genuine laughs out of you and wears off all the nerves almost immediately. Her work behind the camera is AMAZING! I hope to work with her again in the future!"

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I’m looking for those real life, old-timey pen pals. For inquiries, share a few details about the type of shoot you're looking to work together on and if you've got questions, just list 'em out!