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Grove City Newborn In-Home Lifestyle Session


Meet the McCurdy family. We’ve known Kurtis and Katie for a few years, Jon worked with Katie at Starbucks back in the day and their first son, Kerrick was born just about a month before Lana. Now they’re adding baby number two to the mix and rounding out their family of four. Well, there’s a cat, but I never saw him while I was there so I’m not sure he exists 😉

I always love in-home newborn sessions for a few reasons – it doesn’t matter how much you may try not to, it’s too easy to swap war stories with the new mama. Can we take a second to note it must be a thing that first and second babies are just different and don’t follow the right rules 😂. Secondly, I love to see those tiny hands and feet! I have an eight-month-old and still forget how squishy they are just a few weeks fresh.

Kerrick was SO excited to tell me something every 5 minutes and it just reminded me these days with our kiddos go by so fast – Lana is all about the Frozen II soundtrack right now and despite needing quiet sometimes, I know I just gotta let her siiiiiiing.

Jon, too *eye roll*

Here’s to new brother friends in the making and the days of full night’s sleep on the way. Thanks for having me, McCurdy family!

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