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Fresh 48 Session with the Matteson Family


Meet the sweetest new addition to the Matteson family – Sawyer Gray. Lauren and I have known each other about 15 years (whaaaaat am I old enough to say that??) and I’ve heard about this little one’s name for about that long.

I was on my way to New York (6:00 AM 🙌🏼) to spend the weekend with my parents, but mostly to meet Sawyer and take some photos of her when she arrived.

Which was supposed to be Friday morning.

8 AM, on the dot.

Instead, I got to add the address into my GPS to start the trip (both girls in the back) and I see a text from Lauren that she’d been in labor all night and they were doing her c-section a day early.

Well, dang, baby, make an entrance why don’t ya. At any rate, I made it home and headed over to the hospital to see this sweet friend and her family.

Carter and Holden will have their work cut out for them watching over that tiny little bundle, but that house needed another girl so I’m a fan. Lauren, you’re a rockstar and I love you much, thank you for letting me waltz into the hospital room a few hours after giving birth, happy three weeks, Sawyer! You and Harper will be great friends 😍

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