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I’m a photographer, copywriter, brand designer, homebody at heart planted in Columbus, Ohio serving kind humans who are confident in their normal. My mugs hold hot chocolate, my weakness is words, my socks never match and I want to be your friend.


Years ago, we talked about this lady’s wedding day. How would it go? Who would be there? Most importantly, who would be next to her? Well, it was worth the wait. After becoming friends in high school, Edy and I decided to risk living together in college. Among the laughing fits, obnoxious fights, and a […]

MORE of these humans, please! Jon and I met Sam and Autumn at Pathways Camp a few years ago and every year for one week we got to watch their sweet relationship grow. Sam has been one of the high capacity leaders I lean on during the week to lead activities (mostly for those pesky […]

Let’s talk about how we almost killed each other freshman year – mostly by overindulgence of Friendly’s on a nightly basis.  Edy and I met in high school and traveled up through graduation together, heading to SUNY Cortland in the fall of 2009 to be roommates. Shea Hall was our home for the year and […]

Together for over seven years, it became a little more real when Ben got down on one knee to propose to Danielle in Dublin, Ireland. She was studying abroad and wanted to show him the sights of Northern Ireland. On a stop of the tour at Giant’s Causeway near a mountain that Ben saw…they stopped, […]

In the running for the largest (and most sparkly) wedding party I’ve seen – Mike and Abbey tied the knot in downtown Columbus on a September weekend. The wedding was romantic and full of fun elements for guests. After the wintry engagement photos we did last year, a stunning fall wedding was a perfect way […]

Under the weight of things unknown and unseen, she knows he would lead her right where she needs to be Morgan Harper Nichols Maddy was one of Lana’s teachers as a tiny babe and I eventually started following her on all the cool social media platforms and saw a bit of her story with her […]