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Need a pick-me-up? Rian is so good at what she does – master esthetician and so easy to talk to. I was able to see her space and get photos of her working and I felt relaxed just being there. These brand sessions have been a favorite of mine, customized to fit what you need […]

Brand sessions are a new favorite! I met Misty and we got to shoot headshots and working shots at the beautiful, natural-light Zurie Co studio in Columbus, Ohio. She is a graphic and surface pattern designer at Heartprints by Misty and her work is amazing! She’s a talented artist among other things and our time […]

This friend’s got it goin’ on. She’s an incredible counselor, insightful friend, calming presence, and joy-bringer to all situations. She may have been friends with Jon first, but I wouldn’t have made it this far living in Ohio without her and despite the debt we bring upon our families eating out, our relationship is one […]

Listen, sometimes you’ve just got to get outta dodge. Is that the saying? In college, we’d occasionally play hooky when we needed a mental health day to treck down to Target a town away. We’d weed through students rushing to class, professors who somehow probably knew we were skipping, and annoyed drivers trying to run […]

Listen, here’s the thing…when I see someone on Facebook with the same last name I get wary. I had a very odd maiden name (Puukila) and I used to have random humans friend me for the sake of “hey, we have the same last name…” but, enter Chelsea Kuhn.  Not related, but she and her […]

Last year, my sister mentioned the idea of working online due to her love for helping and her husband, Michael’s, position in the military – I had to hide my very excited crazy eyes. Kaitlyn is encouraging, insightful, and driven to help the people around her succeed and looks dang good doin’ it. She started […]