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I met Holly through a Kaitlyn on her team and my sister, Kaitlyn (the most fantastic Virtual Assistant on the planet, shameless plug), and I’m so grateful. Holly is so down-to-earth and genuine – an incredible educator, leader, and strategist teaching women how to build their businesses through hers at Crush the Rush.  She was […]

Boundless Breathwork was founded by Laura Wosiak, Breathworker + Life Coach, and is based in Columbus, Ohio. Working with a breathwork coach was a creative change of pace – we worked through a website restyle and planned a photoshoot to help present her brand in a cohesive way online… she’s the most empathetic and warm […]

Everyone needs an Oh Miss Meghan friend – she brings encouragement and joy wherever she goes. We did a quick photoshoot in her beautiful (too white for my toddler-mom comfort) home for her website launch! The quick session still had some of my favorite shots, she’s a natural in front of the camera and when […]

Need a pick-me-up? Rian is so good at what she does – master esthetician and so easy to talk to. I was able to see her space and get photos of her working and I felt relaxed just being there. These brand sessions have been a favorite of mine, customized to fit what you need […]

Brand sessions are a new favorite! I met Misty and we got to shoot headshots and working shots at the beautiful, natural-light Zurie Co studio in Columbus, Ohio. She is a graphic and surface pattern designer at Heartprints by Misty and her work is amazing! She’s a talented artist among other things and our time […]

This friend’s got it goin’ on. She’s an incredible counselor, insightful friend, calming presence, and joy-bringer to all situations. She may have been friends with Jon first, but I wouldn’t have made it this far living in Ohio without her and despite the debt we bring upon our families eating out, our relationship is one […]