kickin' it with the cool kids who had
nowhere to sit at lunch and started taking
over the world, one lunch table at a time.

Carefree Windblown Engagement Session


MORE of these humans, please! Jon and I met Sam and Autumn at Pathways Camp a few years ago and every year for one week we got to watch their sweet relationship grow. Sam has been one of the high capacity leaders I lean on during the week to lead activities (mostly for those pesky elementary and high school boys!) and Autumn has an incredible way with the girls and helping in any way she can.

They both lead the junior chapel time with the kiddos with a mixture of excitement, passion, and joy which becomes infectious to the kids.

They FINALLY (sorry, Sam) got engaged a few weeks ago and the next day asked me to squeeze their engagement photos IN and obviously YES.

I may have been driving on fumes when we got to the park and Sam graciously let me jump in the back of his car so we could explore corners of Highbanks Metro Park. Listen, it wasn’t my shining moment of being a photographer.

These two are talented photographers and AMAZING models – found that one out when we did a cute puppy couple session a while back.

Happy engagement, Sam + Autumn! We love you both!

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