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The Brand Sessions: Well Within, Wholistic Care Collective


I can’t say enough about the owner of Well Within, Wholistic Care Collective – Melinda Slagle. She is kind-hearted, determined, and the best at what she does. When I first moved to Ohio, she barely knew me and booked me for a photoshoot with her family and I ended up living with her sweet mom, Millie, for the weeks before Jon and I got married.

Melinda is a licensed massage therapist and incredibly talented, she’s been helping my sciatic pain and soreness since I was pregnant with Lana and even back in those days was a huge blessing to me and our family.

She has built a business with over 25 practitioners sharing space in the building in Upper Arlington, Ohio that’s grown and changed as her dreams have. They recently went through a rebrand and hired me to work on copywriting, website design, and photography.

Take a scroll through, visit their website, and work on creating balance in your life via wholistic health solutions.

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