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I’m a photographer, copywriter, brand designer, homebody at heart planted in Columbus, Ohio serving kind humans who are confident in their normal. My mugs hold hot chocolate, my weakness is words, my socks never match and I want to be your friend.


Let’s talk about how we almost killed each other freshman year – mostly by overindulgence of Friendly’s on a nightly basis.  Edy and I met in high school and traveled up through graduation together, heading to SUNY Cortland in the fall of 2009 to be roommates. Shea Hall was our home for the year and […]

Meet Nathan, class of 2020. We met the Hampton family when we first moved to Columbus – his mom is kind and inviting while his dad sat on my lap one of the first times I met him 😂 it’s just a unique mix of humans. We love this family and have shot his older […]

Meet Svetlana of Svet Creative – a documentary wedding photographer based in central Ohio. Whether it’s an elopement at city hall, a blended multi-cultural celebration, a backyard wedding, or a destination wedding in a remote location – she sees her work as an artistic collaboration between herself and her couples and is ALL for it! […]

The term copywriting is being thrown around now more than ever – music to the ears of those who have held the title of Copywriter for years and have spent hours explaining it has nothing to do with the little “c” inside a circle. So, let’s start there. Ashlyn Carter says it best, “In a […]

Oh, Linnea. The last of the Kunesh household is flying the coop! Linnea is the third of three Kunesh kids I’ve had the honor of photographing during their senior year. There has been family shoots over the years both under the leaves and on the beach, add in a few summer photoshoots like this one […]

Meet the sweetest new addition to the Matteson family – Sawyer Gray. Lauren and I have known each other about 15 years (whaaaaat am I old enough to say that??) and I’ve heard about this little one’s name for about that long. I was on my way to New York (6:00 AM 🙌🏼) to spend […]