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Here’s something a little different for ya, so grab a cup of something hot, cold, or lukewarm as the case may be and settle in. If you’ve been around these parts long enough, you’ve heard me talk about our friends, the Morrells. Mark and Ashley are a videography parenting team of humans in Homer, New […]

They’re gracious, welcoming, spirited and full of stories that will make you feel like you were there, and they are some of our oldest and closest friends. I’m so grateful I get to photograph them as their kids grow and they celebrate year after year of a full and loving marriage. For their 10-year anniversary, […]

Is there anything better than being TOLD to stuff your face with cake? I declare there is not. The Haas family wanted to get some family photos right around Wesley’s first birthday so here we have the sweetest fam and then the best cake to top it all off. I will say it took a […]

Most of you know Jon teaches at Tree Of Life, Polaris campus (previously Polaris Christian Academy) and Lia is the welcoming face behind the front desk. She manages multiple jobs all at once (trust me, you do NOT want to be in there around lunch / recess time when ALL the things are happening at […]

I can’t say enough about the owner of Well Within, Wholistic Care Collective – Melinda Slagle. She is kind-hearted, determined, and the best at what she does. When I first moved to Ohio, she barely knew me and booked me for a photoshoot with her family and I ended up living with her sweet mom, […]

Are you trying to take pictures of your kids at home so you never forget this peaceful, snuggly quarantine time? *sly emoji* Oh, definitely, me too. First off, I’m a huge advocate of enjoying the moment. We’re not about the post-a-photo-or-it-didn’t-happen life, BUT I’m also a huge advocate of taking and printing your photos so […]