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I couldn’t be more grateful to have found Columbus Spine & Sport, not only for how much they’ve helped the girls and me with physical issues, but just for the genuine humans and incredible business owners they are. We did a brand session together not too long ago and even though Quinn was a little […]

I’m so thankful for a mutual creative introducing us, Holly is a force. She’s a beautiful, kind, strongwilled mom of twin girls teaching and empowering women to live the life they were created for. She is a mastermind leader, podcaster, teacher, speaker, and dropped out of the corporate world to pursue her own business. Her […]

Ummmmm probably my favorite maternity session to date – what I’ve watched up close and personal between these two is just incredible. ⁣⁣From Dan staying with us when he visited to seeing them become parents the first time to marriage to raising a headstrong kid to ✨this✨ and everything in between – they’ve shown so […]

Rose of Rose Benedict Design is a strategic brand and website designer based in Columbus, Ohio and she creates seamless website experiences for her clients and is an INFJ like meeeee so we had lots in common and lots to chat about. Rose is incredibly talented and knows how to take her clients’ thoughts and […]

Seeing these two grow from their early dating stage to being married and running a creative business together has been amazing. I was privileged to photograph their wedding then a few weeks ago photographed a wedding alongside them filming was amazing. Full circle friends. They came over to talk photography, so I figured why not […]

Story time. I was having a really hard time with my back and shoulder a few years ago. I had seen a chiropractor in New York who was amazing, but since moving to Ohio, I hadn’t found somewhere I was comfortable or that was helping for more than a few days at a time. One […]