kickin' it with the cool kids who had
nowhere to sit at lunch and started taking
over the world, one lunch table at a time.

A Spunky and Wild Senior Session


Oh, Linnea. The last of the Kunesh household is flying the coop! Linnea is the third of three Kunesh kids I’ve had the honor of photographing during their senior year. There has been family shoots over the years both under the leaves and on the beach, add in a few summer photoshoots like this one and the amount of times these (always coordinated) humans have been in front of my camera is.. . just a lot.

Linnea is spunky, energetic, and always ready to chase Lana when we need her to. She’s incredibly sweet, athletic, intelligent and ready for a challenge at all times. I remember her coming on Kaela’s senior shoot so many years ago – she was coaching her and making sure the hair stayed where we needed it to and now fast-forward, here we go.

Happy senior year, Linnea. You rock.

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