kickin' it with the cool kids who had
nowhere to sit at lunch and started taking
over the world, one lunch table at a time.

A Fall Family Session at Highbanks Metro Park


Is there anything better than a client who knows what movie you’re talking about when you slip a favorite line in? There IS NOT! Sebastian and Kate were INCREDIBLY sweet and ready for photos of the two of them while Sebastian’s mom warmed Hudson up. He had just turned 1 and was feeling the leaves, he did so well even when it got chilly, just look at that smile!

While we were on the bridge, I asked Sebastian if he had a big move 😂 and without hesitating, he started quoting one of my favorite scenes from Crazy, Stupid Love and we made it happen. They. Are. The. Best.

This was a favorite session. Happy fall and happy weekend scrolling through, let me know if you’ve got a big move 😂

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